The Cooperstown Penguin Ice Cream-OPEN FOR THE SEASON 2018! -
The Cooperstown Penguin Ice Cream offers you and your family a unique, personalized ice cream experience which will be talked about for summers to come. What a great way to end a summer night in Cooperstown!

Our special ice cream machine blends your choice of premium hard vanilla or chocolate ice cream; frozen yogurt; or NSA (no sugar added) with fresh ingredients. The magical end product is a little softer than regular hard ice cream, but slightly firmer than soft serve. Oh, and all around delicious.

Our flavors are made with all of your favorite fresh fruits and candies. Don't worry, no weird syrups or additives here! Just fresh strawberries for strawberry ice cream and real peanut butter for, you guessed it, peanut butter ice cream!

Anything is possible at the Cooperstown Penguin Ice Cream. You dream it ... We serve it!

4833 State Highway 28
Cooperstown, NY 
   Phone 941-900-6577

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